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Last seen in the Swamp.

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Associated Press: Luke Messer’s D.C.-area home is complicating his Senate campaign

“Although living outside the state is hardly a first for members of Indiana’s congressional delegation, past elections signal [Luke] Messer’s address could complicate his plans to win the Republican primary and ultimately to unseat Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly next year.”

“His family lives in McLean, Va., keeps a vacation house in Dandridge, Tenn., yet sold their home in Indiana two years after his election to Congress in 2012.”

Associated Press, November 18, 2017

Fishers pays Rep. Luke Messer’s wife $240K for part-time role

Unlike many government contract attorneys who are paid by the hour or project, Jennifer Messer receives the same $20,000 monthly check from Fishers regardless of how much she works.

“I think most lawyers you talk to would find it unusual. How many individuals would hire a lawyer in a different state and pay them on a $20,000-a-month retainer?” 

Associated Press, June 21, 2017